Joe Goodeyon - President

Joe Goodeyon, 55, started Wellhead Systems Inc. in 2007.Joe has over 30 years of Leadership experience in the oil and gas market.He has served many leadership roles over his years of service including engineering, manufacturing, marketing and sales.Prior to starting Wellhead Systems Inc., he was the president of Kansas Valve & Fitting serving customers throughout North America.Joe began his leadership role in the private sector with Larkin Products Inc., as the West Texas Manufacturing Manager, servicing one of the largest oilfield market’s in the world.In addition, Joe served our country in the United States Navy, where he held leadership positions with multiple military command units.

Jessica Goodeyon - Vice President

Jessica Goodeyon, 42, started Wellhead Systems Inc. with her husband Joe in 2007. Through her many roles within the company, Goodeyon has been involved in manufacturing, marketing, sales, warehouse management and business management operations. Beginning with Kansas Valve & Pipe Fitting in the late 1990s, Goodeyon has more than two decades of experience in the oil and gas industry.

Troy W. Habben – Executive Director Business Development

Troy W. Habben, 49, joined Wellhead Systems Inc. in 2013. Mr. Habben brings over 30 years of Leadership experience to the organization.Prior to joining Wellhead Systems Inc., he held leadership positions with R&M Energy Systems and Weir Seaboard for over 15 combined years where he led business development activity Globally.In addition, he was the Marketing Training & Development Manager for The Charles Machine Works, Inc. for over a decade. Mr. Habben continues to serve Wellheads Systems Inc. in similar capacity as a Strategic Management Team member, serving to set direction and growth for the organization. Mr. Habben holds a bachelors and master’s degree from Oklahoma Christian University.He is an active presenter in oil and gas seminars and trade shows including published articles about the industry and Wellhead Systems Inc., organization.

Lindell Trout- Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Lindell Trout, 64, joined Wellhead Systems Inc. in 2013. Trout brings 43 years of leadership experience to the organization. He began his career in the fracking and acidizing segment with the Western Company of North America, and in 1979, Trout began a 27-year career with JM Huber Corp./R&M Energy Systems. During this time, he served in numerous leadership roles, such as regional sales manager, customer service manager, product manager and sales manager. During his time with Huber, he obtained three patents. Following Huber, he served as sales manager for frack and flowback products for Kemper Valve & Fitting, where he helped develop an iron inspection and recertification program that was introduced throughout North America. In 2009, he joined Seaboard as business unit manager. Following an acquisition by Weir, he continued his service for two years in his leadership role under the Weir/Seaboard division of independent products. Since joining Wellhead Systems Inc. in 2013, he has focused on innovation that drives market leadership. Trout holds a bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma State University.